Proud to announce I’m booked to perform on 2013 BET ComicView!! I used to watch it fatihful as a kid in Junior High School & its surreal/a dream to be one of the comedians on the show.  Thank you guys for watching me succeed & fail on stage. Trust! I won’t let you down. DOPE!

If you live in Atlanta area or know somebody who does, they can watch the taping of my show on Sunday, August 11th at 5pm. Just email Monique Barrett –  missesmonique@gmail.com Please “cc” LaTanya Drake at ldrake@thedubosegroup.com.



**HIS HEATING UP** And also proud to announce, Im the new correspondent on the Nikki & Sara Show on MTV!! See me reporting LIVE on MTV on Tuesday August 13th at 11:00pm. SUPER DOPE!



**HIS ON FIRE** I was called back to feature in more episodes of Broadwalk Empire. Principal role (meaning I have speaking lines.) This show is ground breaking & super honored to be apart of it. Watch it this Sept 8th 2013 & look out for da kid! SUPER DOPER DOPE!!