JIGGA Brought Vegas To BROOKLYN!

People that know me well, know that Im a hardcore Jay-Z fan. I’ve seen him 4 times. Twice at the Garden, Once at Yankee Stadium and last in Washington D.C. for Watch The Throne Tour, which was epic by the way (insert Otis Scream). So when I heard Jay-Z is doing 8 shows at his partially owned Barclays Center, I said “swerve”. Im a hardcore fan but Im not that greedy to front 292.89 to see him again. I know his songs, albums and special guest he brings out, so he really cant surprise me. Its really for New York fans who couldn’t attend the Madison Square Garden and for Jay-Z (himself)  2 REAL reasons Jay-Z is doing 8 shows: He is the only owner who can put assess in those seats! You think the brooklyn Nets are gonna SELL-OUT the Barclays Center? Don’t think so! Only if NY host the NBA All-Star weekend but I don’t even think NY can handle all them niggas! Yeesh. 2. Like every working husband/father, you get tired of your family but you cant take a vacation by yourself. So you take a workcation! Its were you work, work and WORK some more to get a break from your family. Jay-Z has 99 problem and his family? Its THEM. I don’t have a family yet but here is some advice a wise husband once told me, “You can run from your family but you cant hide!” Enjoy it while it last Jigga cause Blue Ivy is waiting for you to chance that dirty diaper. Swerve!

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